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“We need brave, principled leaders with courage to stand up for what’s right and the integrity to listen to you. As your Representative, I will continue to build on my strong record supporting safe communities, law enforcement, victims’ rights, border security, low taxes, job growth, and educational choice. Together, we can build a stronger Arizona.”   
 ~ Representative Maria Syms



Violent drug cartels, human trafficking, rapes, fentanyl in our communities and schools, and record opioid deaths are the direct result of failed open border policies. Enough is enough. As a Representative, I have a record of standing with our sheriffs to secure the border. I will continue to fight for the rule of law, a secure border, and a safer Arizona. Period.




  1. Appropriate additional funds to Build the Wall and increase border patrols and technology resources.

  2. Hold cities accountable with a Constitutional ban on sanctuary cities.

  3. Prohibit State assets and facilities from housing illegal immigrants, except to return them to their country of origin or for prosecution.

  4. Require law enforcement agencies to assist in identifying and apprehending illegal immigrants.

  5. Mandatory jail time for human smugglers.

  6. Increase criminal trespassing penalties.

  7. Publish annual statistics on number of crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

  8. Impose State boycott of China drug manufacturers for fentanyl crisis accountability.




  • Re-Fund the Police Initiative – addressing the 1000+ officer shortfall.

  • Declare war on fentanyl before it destroys the next generation.

  • Stand Up for Victim’s Rights.


  • Cleared 6000+ untested rape kits leading to multiple convictions in cold cases.

  • Strengthened penalties for serial DUI offenders.

  • Increased penalties for online sexual predators.

  • Increased police presence locally for safer streets.

  • As Assistant Attorney General and Assistant U.S. Attorney fought human trafficking and drug cartels.


"The system is failing us." These are the words of a young widow eulogizing her hero police officer husband killed in the line of duty a few months ago. She’s right. It is time to stop defunding the police and start defending them. As a former Assistant United States Attorney and Assistant Attorney General, I understand government’s number one job is to keep us safe. I will always prioritize public safety resources so our men and women in blue have the tools they need to do their jobs.


education and parents

I am alarmed by the low test scores and lack of focus on our children's academic progress and emotional well-being. With student verbal and math achievement on the decline, we are in danger of losing an entire generation. As a State Representative, I consistently supported quality educational choices and accountability so no child is left struggling in school. I also voted to increase pay for teachers. I will continue to build on that record by putting our children first and requiring that bureaucrats and school boards do the same.

education and parents


  • More funding directly to teachers and less to bureaucracy.

  • Empower parents to have a say in their children’s educational options.


  • Voted for record increase in teacher pay.

  • Expanded school options.

  • Improved accountability.


a better arizona for all


  • Lower Health Care Costs.

  • Reduce taxes for families and businesses.

  • Inflation protection for families.


  • Reduced prescription drug pricing.

  • Helped Veterans transition to the civilian workforce.

  • Reduced frivolous lawsuits for small businesses.

a better
for all

The failed policies of the Biden administration are hitting us where it hurts – at the gas pump and in the grocery store.  In these difficult times, leaders must be especially vigilant about protecting hard-working Arizonans from out-of-control government spending and high taxes.  As your Representative, I stood firm against government waste and attempts to raise your taxes and gas prices.  As a small business owner, I understand that low taxes and less regulation are essential for an economy that benefits all Arizona families.



HB2268 Mandatory Sexual Assault Kit Testing:

Clearing a 6000+ untested rape kit backlog leading to multiple convictions, making our communities safer, and giving dignity and justice to women and victims.

HB2270 and HB2271 Veterans Service Counts Laws:

Removing occupational barriers to our Veterans so they can transition to the civilian workforce.

HB2269 Restitution to Victims:

Requiring convicted criminals to give restitution to victims first.

HB2444 Sexual Assault Advocacy Privilege:

Protecting privacy of victims of sexual assault.

HB 2107 Prescription Drug Pricing Patient Protection Act:

Lowering the costs of prescription drugs by allowing pharmacists to inform patients of lower priced payment options.

maria syms website teacher photo

HB2053 Online Sexual Extortion Penalties: 

Making it a crime for sexual predators to extort our children for online sexual photographs, videos or acts.

HB2522 Pam's Law:

Closing a loophole that allowed a serial DUI offender driving on a suspended license to get off with a slap on the wrist after killing a young Chandler mother and seriously injuring her two young children.

SB1273 Small Business Regulatory Reform:

Helps small businesses by permitting motions for summary judgment and encouraging settlement conferences in administrative appeals on unemployment insurance claims.

HB2020 – Sexual Assault Victim Non-Disclosure Agreements:

Closes the sexual predator loophole of nondisclosure agreements so victims can come forward and stop the Weinsteins and Nassars of the world form preying on others.



Maria Syms has called Arizona her home for more than 20 years.  The mother of three children, Syms cares deeply about making Arizona better for current and future generations.  Her career as a State Representative, Assistant Attorney General, Assistant United States Attorney, Paradise Valley Town Councilwoman, and private attorney, demonstrates her hard work and advocacy for her local community and the entire state on behalf of justice, victims’ rights, safety, and our kids.  
Syms is a fighter for the conservative values that matter for Arizona families – safe neighborhoods, strong border security, less drugs and crimes, low taxes, and a better education for the next generation.  Syms’ signature legislation helped victims of sexual abuse and assault, lowered prescription drug costs for hardworking Arizonans, provided support to veterans seeking to transition to the civilian workforce, and protected small businesses from predatory lawyers pursuing frivolous lawsuits.  Syms has a proven record of leadership and will continue to put Arizona families first.

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