Keeping Families Safe

Delivering Results for Women and Children >>>

Delivering Results to Protect Crime Victims >>>

Opportunity means nothing without the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure community for our families. Public safety is the government's number one responsibility and as a legislator, I will continue to make the security of our communities and state a top priority.

As a Councilwoman, Assistant Attorney General and representative on the Governor's public safety task forces, I have focused on ways to reduce crime, strengthen our borders, and protect our children from the growing drug problem through both prevention and enforcement efforts.

In Paradise Valley, I called upon leaders to give our police officers the support they need to keep us safe. We now have more boots on the ground and updated technology. I am the current Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Public Safety, so I can help ensure security remains a priority.

Working with the Governor and Attorney General, I have helped Arizona move toward universal testing of sexual assault kits so we can hold criminals accountable and help victims. As a member of the Governor's Arizona Substance Abuse Partnership, I work with stakeholders across the state to stem the growing drug problem and help protect the public health.

By working in partnership with federal, state and local law enforcement, we can hold criminals accountable, protect seniors, children and our state's most vulnerable, and provide everyone the security needed for success.

As your State Representative, I will continue to make the security of our communities and state a top priority by focusing on ways to:

  • Reduce crime

  • Hold criminals accountable

  • Protect seniors, children and our state’s most vulnerable

  • Strengthen our borders and protect Arizonans from the drug smuggling, human trafficking, and violence

Endorsed By:
Arizona Conference of Police and Sheriffs
Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
Arizona Police Association
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery