Improving Education

Delivering Results for Education and Fighting for More >>>

In my two years as your Representative, I have delivered on my promise to you to make funding education my top priority along with attracting and retaining quality teachers.

This is an exciting time for education in Arizona and I am proud to be the only Representative in LD28 to stand with our teachers and vote to give them a 20% raise as part of a historic $1.5 billion investment in our children's future.

I continue to deliver impactful leadership – passing the most laws of any new legislator. I have been a strong and persuasive voice in support of our teachers and increased education funding.

I pushed my caucus and the Governor for a significant teacher pay raise and was a cosponsor of the extension of Proposition 301 so we could ensure $650 million in annual education funding for another ten years.

I have also been one of the strongest supporters of full day kindergarten and early childhood education programs. We know that the key to Arizona's future is through elevating the quality of education for all Arizona children. There is more to be done and I will keep fighting for our children.

As the product of public schools myself, the daughter of a public school teacher and a mom to a current LD28 public district school student, I am personally vested in advancing public education as the key to opportunity for all.

It is our responsibility to provide Arizona children with an education that doesn't shortchange their future. This requires courage and commitment to ensure teachers and children have the resources to achieve success with an understanding that spending is not a cure-all and investment requires leadership and accountability.

I understand that leaders, teachers, and parents all have an important job to do in helping our children reach their potential.

As a former LD28 preschool board member and mother of three, I understand the important role early brain stimulation and development play in future success, and I continue to be a strong advocate for early childhood education programs.

Specifically, I have been an outspoken voice in favor of full day kindergarten, and in my first year as your Representative, we started funding such programs for our most vulnerable populations. Also this year, I supported a law that improves the quality of early childhood education programs.

There is always more to be done and I will continue to advocate for these important education policies as they are the key to future success and a better Arizona for all our families.

As your State Representative, I will double down on my work and our recent successes to create the best environment for high academic achievement by:

  • Making school funding a top priority

  • Ensuring resources go to students and teachers in the classroom

  • Supporting early childhood education programs

  • Supporting parental school choice

  • Attracting and retaining talented teachers

  • Supporting a pro-business agenda to generate the revenue necessary for student and teacher success

  • Rewarding achievement and success

  • Providing safe and secure learning environments