Delivering Results for Education and Fighting for More

Maria Syms Record on Education as Your Representative

  • Passed a 20% raise for public school teachers (only Representative in LD28 to stand with our teachers and vote to give them a 20% raise)

  • Passed a historic $1.5 billion investment in public education (only Representative in LD28 to vote in favor of historic investment)

  • Passed new funding and a $1 billion finance plan for universities (only Representative in LD28 to vote in favor of university funding)

  • Co-sponsored extending Proposition 301 for 20 years, which maintains $650 million in annual education funding

  • Funded full day kindergarten, gifted and early childhood programs

Fighting for Quality Education for All Arizona Families

Representative Maria Syms Delivered Results for Education & Will Continue Fighting for More

  • Reform school procurement laws and oversight to ensure tax dollars get to the classroom

  • Close technical loopholes so families most in need have priority access to quality education

  • Enact legislation to promote safe school environments for our children

  • Increase cost savings through administrative efficiencies in our education system

  • Promote budget transparency so parents can see where their tax dollars are going


District 28 Teacher Karen Mensing Supports Maria Syms

District 28 Teacher Chris Perea Supports Maria Syms