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Representative Maria Syms Passed Law to Bring Justice for Pamela Hesselbacher (Pam's Law) and Protect Crime Victims

  • HB 2522 (Pam's Law) - Closes a loophole that allowed a serial DUI offender driving on a suspended license to get off with a slap on the wrist after killing a young mother and seriously injuring her two young children.

  • In 2016, Pamela Hesselbacher and her children were struck by a truck while walking across a crosswalk on their way home from the park. Her children suffered serious injuries, and Pamela was killed. The driver had a suspended license for failure to maintain high-risk insurance. The driver was required to maintain high-risk insurance because he had a long history of driving violations, including several DUI charges. Despite his history, prosecutors could not file felony charges against the driver...until this year.

  • Representative Syms worked with Pamela's family and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to introduce and pass HB 2522. The new law permits prosecutors to bring felony charges against a driver who seriously injures or kills another person while committing a traffic violation and driving on a suspended license for failing to maintain high-risk insurance.

"Thanks to Pam's Law, if you're a high-risk driver that gets behind the wheel with a suspended license, you will be held accountable under the law."
Representative Maria Syms

Hear from Pamela Hesselbacher's mother Jody Kieran