Syms Legislation to Close Sexual Predator Nondisclosure Loophole Signed into Law

April 26, 2018
Arizona House of Representatives

Representative Maria Syms today praised the enactment of HB 2020, which closes a loophole that allowed sexual predators to use nondisclosure agreements to buy the silence of their victims.

HB 2020 prohibits public officials from shielding themselves from accountability through nondisclosure agreements if public money is used to settle sexual harassment and misconduct claims.

"Public officials shouldn't be able to use taxpayer money to shield themselves from accountability for sexual misconduct," said Representative Syms.

HB 2020 also invalidates nondisclosure agreements when victims are responding to questions from law enforcement officers and prosecutors or making a statement during criminal proceedings.

"The Weinsteins and Nassars of the world won't be able to buy their way out of jail through confidentiality agreements in Arizona thanks to this legislation. Victims need to be able to share their stories so we can stop sexual predators from preying on others."

"I thank my colleagues for voting unanimously to close the sexual predator nondisclosure loophole and am grateful to Governor Ducey for signing it into law."