Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Sponsored by Representative Maria Syms to Ensure that All Rape Kits are Tested in a Timely Manner

March 22, 2017
Arizona House of Representatives

Representative Maria Syms (R-28) today applauded Governor Doug Ducey for signing HB 2268 into law.

The legislation, sponsored by Representative Syms, will ensure that all rape kits are tested in a timely manner. HB 2268 passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate with unanimous support.

"It's unconscionable and unacceptable that rape kits haven't been tested in a timely manner," said Representative Syms. "This new law will give dignity and justice to victims and will make our communities safer by getting violent offenders off the streets. I thank my colleagues in the Legislature for passing this important legislation and thank Governor Ducey for signing it into law."

Details of HB 2268:

  • Health care facilities would have 24 hours to notify law enforcement when a sexual assault test kit has been collected.

  • Law enforcement agencies would have five business days to take possession of collected evidence and 15 business days to submit evidence to a crime laboratory.

  • Crime laboratories must process evidence as soon as is practicable and run gathered evidence through DNA databases at the municipal, state, and federal levels.

  • Law enforcement agencies and crime laboratories would be required to file annual reports with the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission detailing the number of kits processed and reasons some kits may not have been processed.

Representative Syms, along with Representative Phil Lovas, Senators Katie Hobbs, Kate Brophy-McGee, Debbie Lesko, and others, served on Governor Ducey's Arizona Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force.